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Last update: 27/04/2010
This part of the site is made to learn Nunchaku basics and to give training advices.
You can find here some articles about Nunchaku training and some tutorial videos classified by movement type.
You can find videos from two different authors:
- SixtyFourWarrior: author and webmaster of this website, winner of the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2008. These videos are in French, but I think that you can understand what I explain just by viewing the moves. Techniques are from a lot of styles: Chinese, Japanese and Korean martial arts, freestyle, etc.
- Li Yutao : Chinese martial arts master. These videos are in Chinese, but as the previous one, I think you can understand just by viewing the moves. Techniques are from Chinese Kung Fu only.
On the website, videos from SixtyFourWarrior are presented on a green background, while Li Yutao ones are presented on a red background:
Videos from SixtyFourWarrior have been made especially for this website.
Videos from Li Yutao have initially been made for a DVD, but it is no longer commercialized, neither in China, neither in the rest of the world.
This website does not own videos from Li Yutao.